匈奴 (きょうど)は紀元前5世紀ごろから5世紀にかけて北アジアに存在した遊牧民族。度々中国の領域内に攻め入り、秦や漢を苦しめた。-[[wikipedia.jp>http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8C%88%E5%A5%B4]]

Xiong-Nu (匈奴; meaning Xiong's Slaves, Xiong being a Chinese transliteration of a national name but also meaning 'savage/raucous/ferocious') was the term given by the Chinese to nomadic tribes on their northern boarder under the control of the Xion of Trans-Jaxartes perhaps based around Sibir on the Irtysh.

Variations include: Hun-no, Xiung-Nu, Hsiong-Nu, Hsiung-Nu, Hiung-No.

The "奴" tribes and affected statelets included:


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