•      Doctoral dissertation, Paris, 1843.
         In this comprehensive work on occupational marks, Tardieu states that Jean-Nicolas Corvisart (1755-1821), Guillaume Dupuytren (1777-1835) and Armand Trousseau (1801-1867) would take pride in identifying the professions of their patients at first sight, using knowledge of occupational marks and other physical signs of occupations.
  • Voiries et cimetie`res.
         Concours thesis (unsuccessful) for the chair of hygiene.
         Paris, 1852.
  • E'tude me'dico-le'gale sur les attentats aux moeurs.
         Paris, 1857; 7th edition, 1878.
         German translation from the third edition by Friedrich Wilhelm Theile (1801-1879), Weimar, 1860.
  •      3 volumes, 1852-1854; 2nd edition, 4 volumes, 1862.
  • E'tude me'dico-le'gale et clinique sur l'empoisonnement . . . avec la collaboration de Z. Roussin.
         Paris, J. B. Baillie`re, 1867.
         Won a prize from the French Academy of Sciences in 1875.
         German translation by Friedrich Wilhelm Theile and H. Ludwig:
         Die Vergiftungen in gerichtsa"rztlicher und klinischer Beziehung. Der gerichtlich-chemische Theil bearbeitet von Z. Roussin.
         Erlangen, 1868. XIII + 598 pages. Mit 27 Textholzschnitten.
  • E'tude me'dico-le'gale sur la pendaison, la strangulation, les suffocations.
         1870; 1879.
  • E'tude me'dico-le'gale sur la folie. Paris 1872.
  • E'tude me'dico-le'gale sur les maladies produites accidentellement ou involontairement. 1879.
  • E'tude sur les blessures. 1879.


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