Gregory of Tours (c. 538 - November 17, 594?) was a Gallo-Roman historian and bishop of Tours, which made him the leading prelate of Gaul. He wrote in a clumsy, ungrammatical and barbarized late Latin attempt at a literary style, which is full of vitality nevertheless and many Frankish and Germanic terms. When inspiration fails, he is quick to fall back on the linguistic formulas of doctrine. Withal, he is the main contemporary source for Merovingian history. His most notable work was the Historia Francorum ("History of the Franks"), in ten books, but he is also known for his credulous accounts of the miracles of saints, especially four books of the miracles of Martin of Tours. Martin's tomb was a major draw in the 6th century, and Gregory's writings had a practical aspect of promoting this highly organized cultus. Gregory has been canonized as a saint of the Roman Catholic church. Gregory shares the Gaulish appetite for miraculous events, the more incredible, the more thrilling.-wikipedia.en

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