A wealthy noblewoman, Antony's wife Fulvia was certainly an appropriate rival for Cleopatra. Both women were extremely capable, ambitious, and strong-minded. No Roman woman had ever been as politically active as Fulvia - or was a greater political force. Fulvia had gained experience through two marriages, the first to the notorious Clodius. With Antony, however, she set a precedent for spouses of Roman leaders to be fully involving herself in her husband's affairs. Antony's cause became her cause. She provided a daughter (Antony's stepdaughter) from her marriage to Clodius for Octavian to marry to help seal the "Second Triumvirate" (Octavian would later returned her "untouched" when problems erupted with Fulvia in Italy) and went to war with Octavian to protect Antony's interests while he was in Egypt.

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